Server Hosting

At the age of 11 years I was repairing pc's and started to learn how to host my own server in the internet. It started with simple game and communication services, now I keep myself busy with a wide range of different services using a virtualized enviroment. 

Things that keep me busy:
Virtualization - Linux - Windows - Network management - Data handeling and protection - Hardware - Energy savings.
Ubuntu, Debian, LMDE, BASH, Owncloud.



2011 - 2014
Server hosting for school projects, gaming, communication, and a minecraft education program for elementary schools.

Server for running a virtual server enviroment using Citrix Xenserver.


2006 - 2009
Game and communication servers for biggest gaming clan of the Benelux (at that point) =OAD= .



2005 - 2009
Starting a Lan-Party group with the ambition to really grow big. In 2009 it died out because it got too big for us, things to do with space and safety certificates that we did not have.

One of the first Lan's where the idea started. A few Lan's later it got to big for houses. One of our last Lan's in a school building.


2001 - 2004
My first server when I was 11 years old.