I'm designing my own specialized line of longboards together with the proffesional board builder Robin Pelgrim from Xtensionboards.

This longboard is designed primarely for daily traveling usage and long distance traveling. I wanted this board to replace my bisycle and provide a solid board for the long distance journey's I do. It should be stable and comfortable to ride and able to handle different kind of terains that you can encounter, up or downhill, smooth pavement to dirt roads. At the same time I wanted to leave a little bit room for plays with other boarders and give it a unique and personalized look.




Longboard mud guards V1.0

Most longboards don't give the user protection against wet roads and will splash water and dirt up to your waist. I experienced this problem for myself a few times, but when I had this problem just before a pressentation (that luckily was cancelled) I diceded it was time for a solution. So I started designing mud guards for my longoard.

The current version 1.0 is a successfull working model that I'm already using for a few years.  But after some requests from others I'm now bussy with version 2.0 that is going to have a whole different moanting approache that will make it more universal for different type of longboard and can be mounted or dissmounted within a minute.



 Camping Stove

While searching for a stove for my longboard trips I read about some people trying penny stove that they made themselfs. Interested by this cheap solution I set out to make a few penny stoves myself following guides that where given to me. After finishing a few stoves and testing them I found them working better then expected, but they where far from idealistic and not really providing a solid solution.

So I set out to perfect the stove.
After making about 35 different moddels I now have a really solid and easy to use model. I trust the stove so much that we don't have any other stoves with us on our trips.



Active HDD VU meter

-- Yet to come -- An example of an electronics project. This is an HDD VU meter that I build to measure HDD activity from the normal HDD led output pins on a pc motherboard.