What is a longboard?

A longboard looks like a skateboard but is much bigger. It has special wheels that give less friction and can go over more rough terrain. There are different kinds of longboards that a suited for different kind of activities. I mostly do long distance longboarding so I use long distance boards and setups.

Why I started longboaring

At first I was not sure if I wanted to join a friend with longboarding, I did not want to be a skater. But when I borrowed one I was sure that I wanted one too. The feeling of rolling through the surrounding is really great! And I started to see a lot of pro's for using a longboard. Not much later I designed my own longboard because the board that I wanted was only available in America for a far to expensive price. Not much later I sold my bike and longboarding became my primary means of transport. It goes just as fast as a average biker and you can take it with you in the train, tram, bus, car and taxi.

Long distance journey's

2012 - Geneva to Paris 2014 - Around the Netherlands
Video Video comming soon
Duration: 19 days
Distance: 650km
Heighest mnt. pass: 1780m
Highlights: Skating on mountains is slow! Getting lost for days in forest. What are we doing!  We made it!
Duration: 22 days
Distance: >1000km
Heighest mnt. pass: 111m
Highlights: 85% Headwinds. Getting much support from the ALS charity and sleeping by ALS patients and relatives.
Our first trip started as a crazy idea inspired by a few other longboards (Adam Colton, Paul Kent,Aaron Envoldsen). Skating from Geneva (Switserland) to Paris (France) over the Alpen with only our longboards and a backpack to sleep alonside the road. We boarded through the Netherlands and a piece of Belgium, following the country borders. Seeing all the different corners of my country. Thanks to the charity for ALS that we connected to our journey we got invited by a lot of people to stay on there camping, in there guarden, or in there homes for free. We also got the honor to stay by people who have ALS themselfs, I will never forget the awesome time I had with these cheerfull people and there relatives.


2014 Longboard around the Netherlands (>1000KM) for charity agains ALS.

2014 Designed my third longboard "Cheerah v3.0" (in making).

2012 Longboard from Geneva (Switserland) to Paris (France) with a backpack.

2012 Designed my second longboard "Cheetah v2.0".

2012 First prototy of mudshield "boardspats v0.1"

2011 Designed my first longboard "Cheetah v1.0".

2010 Started Longboarding on a borrowed board from Japan ( I know...)