Board game "Laser Game"

Minor Art and Technology. Rewarded as an exceptional project with the second highest grade.

For the minor "Art and Technology"  I designed and developed this boardgame using lasers and mirrors to create a chess like niveau game experience and visual attraction.

This team project was not only about the game, but also about how to design a gameplay concept before designing the game itself. Before designing the game itself we did a lot of research with candidates to create a list of gameplay elements that should have possitive effect on our target group (customers). After the requirements list for the game was made, the gameplay mechanics itself needed to be designed and undergo a lot of testing to get it as close as possible to the wished results. We used test candidates to proof the gameplay mechanics by camera observation and an interview before and after playing a few matches. After most of the gameplay mechanics where in place we started to build 2 prototypes (one minimalistic design, and one detailed design) to make sure we had a working prototype at the end. The final prototype was the detailed design.

My main role in this project:
Development manager
A few main tasks I did:
Researching gameplay element requirements, Designed the mechanical concept and style of the game - Developing and steering the development of the game mechanics - Testing and reviewing - Building the final prototype - Character concept Art