Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery for Nedap

With this project I received the highest grade (10) for my IT HBO (University of Applied Sciences) graduation. For this project I designed a Backup / Restore and Recovery solution for Nedap and all its co-locations world wide. Making backups is getting more and more difficult because of multiple reasons: "there are more demanding requirements", "different IT enviroments are starting to link data to each other making separated consistent backups more difficult" and " there are new technologies that require more advanced backup and restore solutions".

A really short overview of a few things I did during this project:
1. research current backup technology and collect numbers -
2. research current and future demands -
3. research new technologies -
4. create a Technical Design and calculate new backup numbers with possible technologies -
5. spar with backup software companies whether they can realize these technologies, and how? -
6. make a list of different solutions and their prices for comparison -

Things that kept me busy:
Backup software: Symantec Netbackup - CommVault Simpana - IBM TSM - EMC Avamar - Veeam - Symantec Exec - Symantec Enterprise Vault - AvePoint - Kroll on Track - Amanda.
Hardware: EMC - Netapp - HP.
Technologies: VMware - Windows - Linux - Mac - MS SharePoint - MS Exchage - CIF's - deduplication - offsite replication - snapshot backups - archiving - Remote Blob Storage.